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By integrating the EDC system for clinical data collection with the RTSM for subject randomization and clinical supply management, the trial process ensures accurate data, compliance, and dynamic risk control. This eliminates human errors resulting from cross-system usage.

Facing these challenges when applying EDC and RTSM systems in clinical trial operations traditionally

  • 1

    Switching between systems is troublesome, and the operation experience is complex

  • 2

    There is duplicate data in both systems, requiring additional manpower to verify

  • 3

    There are challenges when exporting data, including the unstable access speed of overseas servers

Our solution brings customer

  • 1

    The integrated product eliminates the need for system switching, and central operators can complete all operations in one interface

  • 2

    There is no duplicate data, and the core data (e.g. stratification factors) is absolutely consistent, avoiding unnecessary data verification.

  • 3

    Data is stored locally, ensuring data control, compliance, and efficient access

  • 4

    The flexible combination of functions can be customized to meet customers' needs, without any hidden fees

Case study

Customer C, as a leading medical device company in China, has been facing the following challenges for years:

  • 01

    Comparing data between EDC and RTSM requires a lot of time and manpower.

  • 02

    When subject data changes, updating data in both EDC and RTSM systems is prone to errors.

AuroraPrime's clinical trial data collection solution is tailored to meet the client's actual challenges in system integration:

The combination of Prime Collect and Prime Control products ensures uniformity in underlying data (such as subject numbers) and differentiates the interface based on user role permissions, avoiding issues such as broken blinding. The consistency of underlying data saves clients a significant amount of time during data comparison work while ensuring data quality.

Customer Recognition

The seamless integration of EDC and RTSM systems is an industry trend aimed at reducing manpower and time costs. AuroraPrime's clinical trial data collection solution is currently the best choice we have experienced. During the project operation, we have experienced significant changes after the integration of EDC and RTSM systems. Firstly, the data is very clean, and secondly, it is more convenient to support complex trials. The design concept of system integration across scenarios fully guarantees the data security of clinical research and effectively avoids any risks during the process.

Improve the efficiency of clinical research and development and
bring innovative products to market faster.