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Medical Writing Solutions

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    Overall Writing
    time reduction

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    Safety Narratives
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EDC & Data Management Solutions

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    Database Build
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    Data Reporting
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Why AlphaLife Sciences

Global tech leaders, AI-driven solutions, multilingual, and geopolitically agile

Global leaders in tech and life sciences

Led by senior executives from life sciences and computer sciences firms, offering unmatched expertise.

Comprehensive data and document platform

Integrated clinical research platform with streamlined data-document synergy for smart trials.

Leading generative AI tech platform

Backed by Microsoft Pegasus Program, Google for Startups; priority access to generative AI tech.

Turnkey products & custom projects

Offering turnkey AI products for immediate deployment and tailored projects for swift proof of concept.

Geopolitically agile global solutions

Delivering secure, tailored global tech services, e.g. meeting US, and China’s stringent requirements.

Multilingual support (incl. Asian)

Offering UI languages and LLM-based translations in English, Chinese, Japanese for faster submissions.

Customer Success

AuroraPrime Create shorten our authoring time by 40-50% with efficiency and quality." by Chief Medical Officer, big biopharma

"With AuroraPrime’s automation for Patient Safety Reports, we can reduce the time to generate batch draft reports from days or weeks to just seconds.” by Medical writing head, top global MNC

Secure and Compliance

Offer secure and tailored tech services worldwide

News & Events

AlphaLife Sciences showcased innovative Gen-AI applications at the SCDM, advancing AI-driven data science

At the SCDM China Conference 2024, Patrick Nadoiny, SCDM Chair and Global Head of Clinical Data Management at Sanofi, delivered an insightful presentation. Sharon Chen, our CEO, showcased innovative Gen-AI applications.

Jun 27, 2024

AlphaLife Sciences Highlights Generative AI at DIA Global Annual Meeting, Featured on Fox News

At the DIA Global Annual Meeting, AlphaLife Sciences showcased advanced generative AI solutions, revolutionizing clinical trials with unmatched efficiency and speed, transforming drug development.

Jun 21, 2024

AlphaLife Sciences Joins Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS Global Roadshow at BIO International Convention

AlphaLife Sciences is grateful to join JLABS and the Global Roadshow at the BIO International Convention. This experience highlighted JLABS' support, fostering connections, and accelerating medical innovation through AI-based clinical research solutions.

Jun 10, 2024

AlphaLife Sciences joins Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS

AlphaLife Sciences joins Johnson & Johnson Innovation ‒ JLABS in Singapore, highlighting its promise in leveraging AI to accelerate clinical development and advance the medical AI field.

May 25, 2024

AlphaLife Sciences CEO Joins Microsoft CEO Connection at AI Day Event

AlphaLife Sciences CEO Sharon Chen joined the Microsoft Build: AI Day in Bangkok, engaging with top CEOs and Satya Nadella on advancing AI and cloud technology.

May 02, 2024