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AuroraEssentials is a streamlined and efficient one-stop clinical research management platform designed specifically for the consumer health industry. It offers a comprehensive software platform and service for human efficacy evaluation, consumer research, and various trial scenarios. Its features include protocol design, subject management, data collection, data quality review, data insights, and CSR (Clinical Study Report) generation.

  • Subject Recruitment and Management

    Project management

    Subject recruitment


  • In-lab Efficacy Evaluation

    Evaluation criteria template library

    Generate data collection UI with one click

    Direct access to device data

    Efficacy evaluation report auto-generated

  • Remote Real World Efficacy Evaluation

    Skin test equipment data access


    Subject compliance management

    Sample management

  • Consumer Subjective Evaluation

    Text, image & video questionnaire

    Multi-person video online questionnaire evaluation

    Focus group

  • Data Precipitation, Analysis and Visualization

    Build-in efficacy evaluation statistical algorithm

    Visualization of single and multiple project operations

Functional highlight

Subject Recruitment and Management

  • Precise recruitment management using pre-existing subject database resources

  • Quality management of recruitment process

  • Seamless integration of online and offline experiment processes

In-Lab Efficacy Evaluation

  • Direct connection to evaluation criteria and database

  • Device integration to improve efficiency

  • Real-time data collection and analysis

  • Fast generation of efficacy evaluation reports

Remote and Real-World Efficacy Evaluation

  • User-centered mobile experience

  • Supervision station to ensure compliance throughout the process

  • Integration of terminal device data and processes

  • Research moving from lab to real-world evaluation

Data Aggregation, Analysis and Visualization

  • Integration and analysis of multiple data sources

  • Historical data retention

Provide real and objective skin data for a holistic consumer profile

AuroraEssentials provides brands with a platform to gain insights into what consumers’ skin has to say

Capture and analysis of R&D data for empowering functional products

A large amount of scientific and high-quality efficacy data is the basis for enhancing brand value and influence

  • Product Iteration and Innovation

    Expand testing scenarios, capture personalized consumer needs in a timely and expedient manner, inspire product optimization, iteration, and innovation.

  • Claim Innovation

    Through a large quantity of objective data and actual cases, innovate more differentiated claims that are close to consumers, and enhance the brand’s appeal to consumers.

  • Leading Industry

    Supported by robust, real-world cases Consolidate the brand image of innovation and excellence.

Empowering scientific innovation in the consumer health industry with digitization