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AlphaLife Sciences Collaborates with LUNAN PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP to Empower Efficient Medical Team Writing and Collaboration.


On September 5, 2023 — AlphaLife Sciences Group (hereinafter referred to as "AlphaLife"), announced its collaboration with Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lunan Pharmaceutical"), one of China's well-known comprehensive pharmaceutical companies, to officially launch the AuroraPrime Create (referred to as "Prime Create"), an intelligent clinical research document generation system. Lunan Pharmaceutical will fully utilize the system to write clinical research protocols and CSR (clinical study reports) to improve content writing, cross-team collaboration, and approval process efficiency, achieve digitization and structuring of document content, establish an enterprise-level content knowledge base, and realize comprehensive knowledge accumulation and application for innovative research and development.

Mr. Zhang Jianxiang, Clinical Director of Lunan Pharmaceutical, said: "As a highly competitive and comprehensive pharmaceutical group in China, Lunan Pharmaceutical has always been committed to using innovative products to improve people's lives. Clinical research is a crucial stage in innovative drug development, and every year, Lunan Pharmaceutical has a large volume of trial documents to be written. While ensuring rigor and compliance, we believe that empowering the enterprise to enhance document writing and team collaboration efficiency through computer technology or system products is a promising approach. Our collaboration with AlphaLife Sciences  is an important exploration for Lunan Pharmaceutical in the trend of enterprise digitization and AI application."

Ms. Yin Shaohong, Head of Medical Affairs at Lunan Pharmaceutical, said: "Lunan Pharmaceutical's medical team has traditionally used more conventional methods to complete the writing and approval of various clinical research documents, and they have faced significant challenges. With limited human resources, the efficiency of content writing needs improvement in the face of a substantial amount of repetitive work. During collaborative processes involving multiple individuals, there is a risk of inconsistency in document content versions. Traditional email-based approval workflows are also inconvenient for tracking history and pinpointing opinions. With unanimous agreement among the medical team members, we decided to adopt a professional system to address these challenges, and Prime Create is the solution we were seeking.

Prime Create's configuration of detailed functionalities for medical writing in practical applications has made us feel that the Yaocheng team deeply understands content writing scenarios. Structured content, online team collaboration, version control, approval workflows, knowledge retention, and application, among many other details, combined with the system's intelligent content recommendation module, will significantly enhance the efficiency of our team's writing and collaboration.

Mr. Zhang Zhi, Chief Business Officer of AlphaLife Science, said, "We are honored to become Lunan Pharmaceutical's partner in the field of clinical research informationization, and provide AlphaLife Sciences's globally leading clinical research digitization system. As a unique clinical research document intelligent writing system in the industry, Prime Create has gained recognition from numerous well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies. It not only helps enterprises improve writing efficiency in many practical work scenarios but also adheres to the rigorous scientific processes of the clinical research industry. It provides convenient and efficient multi-user, cross-team, and cross-organizational collaboration functions. Prime Create's one-stop intelligent content generation, from study protocols to TFLs and CSRs, combined with AGI technology, represents the practical application of clinical research and AI that enterprise users are currently paying close attention to. Yaocheng is leveraging its technological advantages and industry know-how to explore the digitized future of clinical research.

About Lunan Pharmaceutical:

Lunan Pharmaceutical Group is an Integrated pharmaceutical group, National innovative enterprise and National torch plan key high-tech enterprise that produces, researches and sells both traditional Chinese medicine, chemical medicine and bio-pharmaceutical medicinal products.The group is comprised of seven subsidiary companies including Lunan Hope Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Lunan Better Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Shandong New Time Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Lunan New Time Bio-Tech Co., LTD. etc... It is among the top 500 enterprises of China and top 100 taxpayer in Shandong Province for 8 years.

About AlphaLife Sciences:

AlphaLife Sciences is focused on the clinical research and development field of life sciences, and is committed to creating a globally leading new generation of clinical research SaaS platform. It leverages cloud computing, big data, AI, and other technologies to empower the trial design, data management, and operation of life science research and development, ensuring clinical data consistency, improving design and execution efficiency, controlling cost input, accelerating the commercialization of innovative drugs and new medical devices, and benefiting human health.

Improve the efficiency of clinical research and development and
bring innovative products to market faster.


AI Specialist

Shanghai|Engineering|Published 2023-06-02


1. Engage in AI research and development in the field of clinical and biomedical informatics, including data collection, algorithm research, and model building.

2. Explore innovative applications of AI and be responsible for the application development of NLP technology in specific business scenarios.

3. Build machine learning platforms and frameworks, including algorithm implementation and system development.

4. Keep up with the latest developments in cutting-edge technologies in the industry and integrate them into the existing technical system to continuously enhance the platform's capabilities and meet business needs.

5. Provide insights and take the lead in implementing AI initiatives based on practical application products and scenarios within the company.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above in computer science or a related field, with at least five years of experience in AI research and development. In-depth research in natural language processing or computer vision, solid theoretical foundation, good mathematical and statistical knowledge, and programming skills are required.

2. Practical experience in implementing AI applications, preferably with experience in building from scratch and continuous optimization.

3. Familiarity with cutting-edge research in natural language processing, extensive research experience, and preferred experience in training and applying large-scale language models.

4. Proficiency in various machine learning and deep learning algorithms and their application scenarios.

5. Familiarity with at least one machine learning framework such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, etc.

6. Strong innovation spirit and scientific research capabilities, good information search, literature reading, and algorithm implementation skills.

7. Strong documentation skills and the ability to communicate effectively with technical teams and management.

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