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Prime Compute is an application-based statistical analysis tool on the AuroraPrime clinical research platform. Prime Compute is designed for various roles in clinical trial operation, data management, medical, and statistics, providing a range of statistical analysis tools that meet their job requirements, such as KRI definition and calculation for operations, Patient Profile for medical, Data Listing for data management, and TFLs for statistics. It greatly improves the efficiency of each role in obtaining data results.

Prime Compute is based on standard statistical analysis packages such as Java, R, and SAS, providing computing capabilities to ensure that the calculation results meet the requirements of the trial. At the same time, the system comes with built-in data standardization, cleaning, and SDTM conversion processes, making business scenarios more standardized and enabling higher reuse across trials. For data integration, multiple methods are provided, such as interface-based and variable data model-based import, to ensure good integration with various systems such as third-party EDC.


Variable Data Model Technology Helps to Integrate the Entire System

Embedded Algorithm Models Simplify Business Use

Key Features

Data Standardization

Provides workflows for data standardization, cleaning, missing data handling, and SDTM conversion.

Data Listing

Provides Data Listing tools for DM and MM, allowing users to generate pre-designed or custom calculation models.

Patient Profile

Efficiently generates Patient Profile and Narratives, providing a user-friendly interface for medical analysis.

Clinical TFLs

Built-in rich TFL definitions, and enterprises can also maintain their own TFL library.

Biostatistics Dashboard

Epidemiology, safety, efficacy, and other TFLs can be easily defined and promptly displayed on the biostatistics dashboard.

Improve the efficiency of clinical research and development and
bring innovative products to market faster.