AI-Powered EDC and Data Management

AuroraPrime EDC, RTSM and Data Management Solutions streamline data management, enhance decision-making speed, ensure data integrity and facilitate regulatory compliance.


  • EDC
  • RTSM
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Patient Profile
  • Data Listing
  • 50%

    Database Build
    time reduction

  • 80%

    time reduction

  • from Weeks
    to Seconds

    Data Reporting
    time reduction

AuroraPrime's intelligent solution effectively tackles our key challenges in clinical trial data management, streamlining human resources, deadlines, and complex data.” By biometrics head, top global MNC

AuroraPrime accelerates database construction with innovative technology

  • Streamlined Workflow

  • Automated Operation

  • Accelerated Timeline


Intelligent EDC

AI automates logical checks, edit-check test cases, test execution, and real-time reporting, supporting multilingual MedDRA & WHODrug coding for clinical trials efficiency.

  • AI-generated logical checks and test rules from DVP
  • AI-generated edit-check test cases
  • Automated test execution and reporting
  • Streamlined and real-time reports
  • Multilingual MedDRA & WHO Drug coding support

Hierarchical and unified & tailored data monitoring solution

Medical Monitoring

Study level:
data overview

Patient Profile

Subject level: analysis inspiration

Data Listing

Data point level:
finding conclusion

Unified Data Management Solutions


Medical Monitoring

Comprehensive insights, real-time access, tailored reports, advanced analysis, and streamlined workflows enhance efficiency and effectiveness in clinical trial data monitoring.

  • Study level data overview
  • Out-of-the-box interactive experience
  • Highly customized reports
  • Customization cross-analysis
  • Easy configuration and programming interface

In-depth insights

Real-time access

Tailored reports


Patient Profile

Streamlined patient profiles, automated documentation, detailed journey analysis, and seamless integration enhance clinical trial management efficiency and decision-making.

  • Pre-made profile templates
  • Automated profile generation per patient
  • Detailed trial journey analysis
  • Customizable reports and interactive interface
  • Export options to PNG and Excel





Data Listing

Automated data organization, seamless EDC and RTSM synchronization, dynamically generated queries, reusable data templates, scheduled automation, and enhanced risk assessment optimize clinical trial efficiency.

  • Instant data listing rules
  • Automated EDC and RTSM data flow
  • Auto-generated query texts
  • Efficient reusable data listings
  • Scheduled auto-runs
  • Enhanced risk identification