Scope of application

This AlphaLife Sciences Data Hosting and Service terms ("Hosting Terms") are the terms and conditions of data hosting and support services related to software provided by Shanghai Yaocheng Health Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("AlphaLife Sciences") in SaaS mode. The Hosting Terms are applicable to the user's data processing activities using AlphaLife Sciences Software.


If any of the following terms are not defined in the Master Agreement, they have the following meanings:

The Master Agreement refers to the “Master Agreement for Software and Professional Services (Purchaser)” or the “Master Agreement for Software and Professional Services (Partner)” signed by the relevant parties and AlphaLife Sciences.
Users refer to the relevant stakeholders who use AlphaLife Sciences Software for data activities according to the applicable master agreement. According to the master agreement, they may include the Purchaser, Partner, Partner’s customer, and Authorized user.
AlphaLife Sciences Software refers to the licensed software provided by AlphaLife Sciences through SaaS as agreed under the applicable master agreement and order ("Licensed Software" has the definition given in the master agreement).
User data refers to the Purchaser data and Partner data agreed in the applicable master agreement.

Terms used but not defined in this Hosting Terms shall have the definitions given in the applicable Master Agreement.

Hosting and Support Services

AlphaLife Sciences will provide data hosting and support services for users to use AlphaLife Sciences Software agreed in the master agreement and corresponding orders for data processing activities. The hosting and support services described in the Hosting Terms include the following:

1、Provide users with data hosting services to enable customers to safely access, invoke or in other ways to process their user data when using AlphaLife Sciences Software.
2、Provide users with support services for using AlphaLife Sciences Software, including upgrading, patching, bug fix of AlphaLife Sciences Software.

For the avoidance of doubt, the hosting and support services described in this Hosting Terms do not include the professional services under the applicable master agreement for which the relevant users need to sign in separate orders.

Authorized access and processing

The user agrees and confirms that AlphaLife Sciences will only access or process user data for the following purposes: (a) provide AlphaLife Sciences Software to the user; And (b) provide hosting and support services to users. Between AlphaLife Sciences and users, users retain all rights, ownership and interests in user data. For the above purposes, AlphaLife Sciences may access or process user data in the following ways:

1、Designate AlphaLife Sciences personnel as project administrator or system administrator to access user data with read-only permissions to help users make more efficient use of relevant functions of AlphaLife Sciences Software and help users identify and find possible problems in the process of use;
2、Configured function delivery, including customized requirements implementation.
3、Troubleshooting (prevention, detection and bug fix);
4、Continuously improve AlphaLife Sciences Software (install the latest updates, upgrade the system, verify the compatibility of new functions, improve the reliability, effectiveness and security of software and services, etc.).

AlphaLife Sciences will not access or process user data for advertising, marketing, or similar purposes.

Data retention and deletion

Within the period of authorized use of AlphaLife Sciences Software agreed in the applicable master agreement and corresponding orders, users can access, extract, and delete user data stored in AlphaLife Sciences Software according to their respective permissions.

Security measures and obligations

1、AlphaLife Sciences will implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect user data and prevent accidental or illegal destruction, loss, change, unauthorized disclosure, or access of user data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed by users when using AlphaLife Sciences Software.

2、By default, user data (including any personal data involved in it) transmitted on the public network between the user and AlphaLife Sciences or between AlphaLife Sciences's data centers is encrypted. AlphaLife Sciences will also encrypt the user data stored statically in the process of using AlphaLife Sciences Software.

3、AlphaLife Sciences adopt the mechanism of minimum necessary access rights to control access to user data. For user data access required to provide AlphaLife Sciences Software and hosting and support services to users, AlphaLife Sciences adopts role-based access control to ensure limited access only when the purpose is reasonable and approved in accordance with the management control process.

4、If there is a scenario where user data needs to be recovered, AlphaLife Sciences will obtain the user's consent and authorization separately according to the management control process before implementing relevant operations.

5、Users are responsible for independently determining whether AlphaLife Sciences's technical and organizational measures meet their requirements, including any security obligations under applicable data protection laws and regulations. The user acknowledges and agrees that (taking into account the technical status quo, implementation costs and the nature, scope, context and purpose of relevant data processing activities and possible risks) the security practices and policies implemented and maintained by AlphaLife Sciences can provide a security level appropriate to the risks associated with user data.

6、If AlphaLife Sciences finds that there is a security event that causes accidental or illegal destruction, loss, change, unauthorized disclosure or access to user data stored on AlphaLife Sciences Software, AlphaLife Sciences will (1) promptly notify the user of the security event; (2) Investigate security incidents and provide users with detailed information about security incidents; And (3) take reasonable measures to mitigate the impact and minimize the damage caused by security incidents without undue delay.

The security event notification will be sent to one or more administrators of the user by any means (including email) selected by AlphaLife Sciences. Users are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their administrator's contact information. The user shall be responsible for complying with the obligations related to security events stipulated in the laws and regulations applicable to the user.

AlphaLife Sciences's notification or response to the security incident in accordance with the provisions of this section does not mean that AlphaLife Sciences acknowledges any fault or responsibility related to the security incident.

If the user finds any possible misuse of account or authentication credentials or any security incident related to AlphaLife Sciences Software, the user must immediately notify AlphaLife Sciences.

Service level of hosting and support services

The hosting and support services provided by AlphaLife Sciences to users meet the following service levels:

1、Service availability
Calculation method: (system running time - system unavailable time)/system running time × 100%
Target: ≥ 99%

2、Service reliability
Calculation method: interval between two adjacent system unavailable events
Target: ≥ 90 days

3、Incident Response Service Level

Severity Definition Initial Responding Time
Emergency S1 system service interruption or serious data integrity problem, affecting all users 1 hour
High S2 system is available, but major functional defects or significant performance degradation occur 4 hour
Medium S3 system is available, but secondary functional defect occurs 1 business day
Low S4 routine consultation or service request (including demand change) 2 business day

The service level agreed in this section does not apply to: (i) users use AlphaLife Sciences Software in non-production environment (such as test environment); (ii) User's Free trial, Tryout, Preview for software or functions provided by AlphaLife Sciences.

Under no circumstances will AlphaLife Sciences be liable for failing to reach the service level due to any of the following reasons: (i) the user's breach of the Master Agreement or this Hosting Terms; (ii) due to user or third party’s mis-use or oversight; (iii) The reason for any system, hardware, software or service not controlled by AlphaLife Sciences (including but not limited to the reason for the user's own computer or network system, the reason for the telecom operator or the Internet access operator).

Update and application of hosting terms

The user's use of a AlphaLife Sciences software shall be subject to the Hosting Terms that are valid when signing the corresponding order. AlphaLife Sciences may update the Hosting Terms from time to time to (i) meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations issued from time to time; Or (ii) reflect the features of the new functions and supplementary programs (i.e., the content not included in the previous software) launched by AlphaLife Sciences with respect to the relevant AlphaLife Sciences Software.

AlphaLife Sciences will publish notifications to notify the users of major changes to current Hosting Terms (if any) 30 days in advance on website:

If such update is to meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations issued from time to time, the updated content shall be applicable to users' use of AlphaLife Sciences Software starting right after AlphaLife Sciences released the new Hosting Terms.

If the update is to reflect the new features and supplementary programs of AlphaLife Sciences Software, users should apply the updated Hosting Terms when using these new features and supplementary programs.