AI-Copiloted Medical Writing

AuroraPrime AI-Powered Medical Writing solutions accelerate document creation, enhancing process efficiency, quality, and data consistency.

Support document types / Products

  • Clinical Study Report (CSR)
  • Safety Narratives
  • Protocol
  • CTD Module 2.5 Clinical Overview
  • CTD Module 2.7 Clinical Summary
  • ICSR and more...

Including other document types such as Lay Summary, DSUR/PSUR, IB, ICF, SAP, MMP, RMP, DMP, and more.

Word Add-in

  • 50%

    time reduction

  • 45%

    Overall Writing
    time reduction

  • from Weeks
    to Seconds

    Safety Narratives
    time reduction

”AuroraPrime reduced our authoring time by 40-50% while enhancing efficiency and quality," said the Chief Medical Officer of a leading biopharmaceutical company

Powered by Leading AI Technology

Powered by leading LLMs and AI technology, and supported by the Microsoft Accelerator Pegasus Program and Google for Startups, with priority access to LLM tech and updates.

  • Microsoft Word Add-in

  • AI Quality Control

  • AI Content Generation

  • AI Content Recommendation

  • Content Metadata

  • AI Translation

  • Template & Content Library

  • SOP Based Workflow


AI-Copiloted CSR Writing

The AuroraPrime AI-Powered CSR Writing product enhances CSR creation through streamlined processes, improved document quality, and efficient collaboration. It leverages AI for automation and content improvement, offers flexible Word add-in integrations, ensures consistency across documents, and accelerates the CSR development cycle, significantly reducing manual effort and time.

Time is money

Every delay costs pharmaceutical companies between $600,000 to $8,000,000 everyday. Source: Forbes.

Accelerate every step of CSR writing

Database Lock

  • 1

    Template Setup

    Enterprise custom templates

    PROTOCOL / SAP linkage

  • 2

    Build Framework

    Content Cross-reference

    Sync TFL data placeholders

  • 3

    Draft Content

    TFL summary generation

    Generate TFL narratives

  • 4

    Finalize Content

    One-click content batch update

    Update TFL data and summary

  • 5

    AI Translation

    In text translation

    Enterprise translation memory


AI-Copiloted Protocol Writing

The AuroraPrime platform's AI-Copiloted Protocol Writing product empowers the clinical trial industry with streamlined protocol creation. It features structured templates, batch content generation, one-click SOA setups, AI for precise content matching, and immediate access to writing techniques. This enhances efficiency, quality, and consistency in protocol documentation, significantly reducing authoring time and effort.

AI-assisted Protocol Synopsis Design and Full Protocol Development

Streamline Protocol Writing

  • AI-Generated Main Content
  • Enterprise Custom Template
  • Reference Content Database


AI-Generated Safety Narratives

This product streamlines the creation of patient safety reports, ensuring efficient and accurate data handling. It facilitates rapid template configuration, seamless data mapping, and robust system integration, including EDC and PV. Automated report generation and effective data extraction from various sources significantly reduce preparation time, enhancing productivity and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Generate the first draft within 1 minute
  • Create batch drafts within minutes

Reduce Tasks From Days To Mere Minutes