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Entering GSK, Alphalife Sciences Supports Pharmaceutical Companies in Embracing AI.


In the surge of generative AI, global pharmaceutical companies are actively exploring how to leverage AI to accelerate medical innovation and clinical trial processes. In this CMAC Clinical Research Informatization Club event at GSK industry colleagues will delve into 'The Latest Developments in Large Language Models in China' and 'Exploration of AI Applications in Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Development in China'.

Sharon Chen, CEO of Alphalife Sciences and Chairperson of the CMAC Clinical Research Informatization Club, is invited as an honorary guest to share her profound insights on how generative AI can assist enterprises in transforming clinical informatization. Additionally, Bogong Zhu, Chief Product Officer of Alphalife Sciences and a seasoned AI product expert, is also invited to participate in this event on AI and Pharmaceutical Innovation. Let's explore the endless possibilities of AI together and move towards a smarter and more efficient new era of clinical research!

Improve the efficiency of clinical research and development and
bring innovative products to market faster.


AI Specialist

Shanghai|Engineering|Published 2023-06-02


1. Engage in AI research and development in the field of clinical and biomedical informatics, including data collection, algorithm research, and model building.

2. Explore innovative applications of AI and be responsible for the application development of NLP technology in specific business scenarios.

3. Build machine learning platforms and frameworks, including algorithm implementation and system development.

4. Keep up with the latest developments in cutting-edge technologies in the industry and integrate them into the existing technical system to continuously enhance the platform's capabilities and meet business needs.

5. Provide insights and take the lead in implementing AI initiatives based on practical application products and scenarios within the company.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above in computer science or a related field, with at least five years of experience in AI research and development. In-depth research in natural language processing or computer vision, solid theoretical foundation, good mathematical and statistical knowledge, and programming skills are required.

2. Practical experience in implementing AI applications, preferably with experience in building from scratch and continuous optimization.

3. Familiarity with cutting-edge research in natural language processing, extensive research experience, and preferred experience in training and applying large-scale language models.

4. Proficiency in various machine learning and deep learning algorithms and their application scenarios.

5. Familiarity with at least one machine learning framework such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, etc.

6. Strong innovation spirit and scientific research capabilities, good information search, literature reading, and algorithm implementation skills.

7. Strong documentation skills and the ability to communicate effectively with technical teams and management.

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