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Reflecting on Alphalife Sciences’ Remarkable 2023 Journey


Dear partners, we sincerely thank you for your collaboration with Alphalife Sciences throughout 2023. During this year, we engaged in comprehensive collaborations with many multinational pharmaceutical corporations (MNCs), leading domestic pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and mainstream CROs across various therapeutic areas, both domestically and internationally. These partnerships were instrumental in driving innovation in the pharmaceutical field and showcased the continual growth and advancement of Alphalife Sciences. Your ongoing support has been a driving force in our progress. Let's revisit this year filled with achievements.


1. Leading in Integration with OpenAI for Enterprise AI Empowerment

As a Pegasus-level enterprise supported by the Microsoft Accelerator, Alphalife Sciences received comprehensive backing from Microsoft. Early in 2023, we gained priority access to OpenAI's developer tools, quickly achieving integration with OpenAI. We embarked on deep collaborations with numerous enterprises, propelling the practical application of AI in clinical trials and demonstrating the significant impact of AI in enhancing enterprise clinical trials. Alphalife Sciences also connected with other leading global AI models, dedicated to making AI a key force in accelerating life science enterprise processes.


2. Continuous Technological Upgrades by Alphalife Sciences to Propel Life Science Innovation

Alphalife Sciences, fostered by both the Microsoft and Google Accelerators, received extensive global support in various aspects, including AI models, cloud computing, development resources, and technical partnerships. By the end of 2023, we had amassed numerous patents and software copyrights. Our team comprises outstanding talents in computer science and life sciences from top global companies. We will continue leveraging the power of innovative technology to aid the development of the life science industry.


3. Developing a World-Leading AI-Enabled Integrated Clinical Platform

Thanks to the diligent efforts of the Alphalife Sciences team, our AuroraPrime platform underwent significant key upgrades and development last year. In the first half of the year, we achieved comprehensive functional applications across the entire clinical trial spectrum, including EDC, DCT, RTSM, CTMS, and eTMF systems, achieving an integrated, end-to-end, scenario-based, automated, intelligent, and international application. In the second half, we rapidly implemented numerous AI-enabled functionalities across the clinical research spectrum, from AI-assisted Protocol design, intelligent database construction, one-stop data intelligence verification, to AI-driven medical monitoring, automatic generation of Patient Profile and Patient Safety Narratives reports, and finally, intelligent CSR writing and translation, striving to assist enterprises in clinical research with cutting-edge AI technology for efficient innovation.


4. Alphalife Sciences Annual Summit and Lounges

XDaybreak is Alphalife Sciences' important annual industry summit. At the XDaybreak summit held on August 18, 2023, hundreds of experts from renowned innovative pharmaceutical companies, including CEOs, CMOs, scientists, clinical operations, medical, biostatistics, IT, and other fields, gathered to review the outstanding achievements of the AuroraPrime platform over the past year. Additionally, Alphalife Sciences hosted several Alphalife Lounges both domestically and internationally, professional salons for industry executives, attracting hundreds of industry experts to discuss the application cases and development trends of cutting-edge technologies in clinical trials. We look forward to reuniting with everyone in 2024.


5. Actively Promoting Collaborative Industry Development and Bridging Computer Science with Biological Sciences

Last year, Alphalife Sciences actively participated in numerous industry conferences, including the 2023 Artificial Intelligence Conference, DIA, Dtrial, QSF in China, and SAPA, HLTH, AI in Pharma in the USA. At these conferences, we shared integrated digital solutions and successful practice cases of AI-enabled clinical research to address the challenges of digitalization, intelligence, and internationalization in the industry, committed to fostering collaborative development and building a bridge between computer science and biological sciences.


6. International Expansion of Alphalife Sciences to Aid Enterprises in Global R&D

To assist enterprises in going global and serving the worldwide market, Alphalife Sciences established its headquarters in Singapore in 2023 and expanded its professional team in the United States and Asia. From its inception, the company was fully prepared for global deployment and services, including building an international talent team, ensuring global compliance in data management and AI model applications, and guaranteeing efficient performance in global system deployments. After three years of effort since establishment, by 2023, our comprehensive clinical product system has matured, receiving widespread recognition and welcome in multinational pharmaceutical corporations and the mid-to-high-end market, successfully helping numerous companies achieve internationalization in clinical R&D. Looking forward to 2024, Alphalife Sciences is excited to accompany more companies on their global development journey.



As we step into a hopeful 2024, we are full of confidence in the future of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. The guidance of science, the integration of ecosystems, and the powerful drive of technology will bring sustained vitality and transformation to the industry in the new situation. Alphalife Sciences will continue to upgrade and build a world-leading AI-integrated intelligent platform, helping enterprises face challenges like overseas expansion, cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, and AI adoption. Together, we will accelerate the pace of clinical research and product launches, driving more innovative pharmaceuticals to benefit society!

Improve the efficiency of clinical research and development and
bring innovative products to market faster.


AI Specialist

Shanghai|Engineering|Published 2023-06-02


1. Engage in AI research and development in the field of clinical and biomedical informatics, including data collection, algorithm research, and model building.

2. Explore innovative applications of AI and be responsible for the application development of NLP technology in specific business scenarios.

3. Build machine learning platforms and frameworks, including algorithm implementation and system development.

4. Keep up with the latest developments in cutting-edge technologies in the industry and integrate them into the existing technical system to continuously enhance the platform's capabilities and meet business needs.

5. Provide insights and take the lead in implementing AI initiatives based on practical application products and scenarios within the company.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above in computer science or a related field, with at least five years of experience in AI research and development. In-depth research in natural language processing or computer vision, solid theoretical foundation, good mathematical and statistical knowledge, and programming skills are required.

2. Practical experience in implementing AI applications, preferably with experience in building from scratch and continuous optimization.

3. Familiarity with cutting-edge research in natural language processing, extensive research experience, and preferred experience in training and applying large-scale language models.

4. Proficiency in various machine learning and deep learning algorithms and their application scenarios.

5. Familiarity with at least one machine learning framework such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, etc.

6. Strong innovation spirit and scientific research capabilities, good information search, literature reading, and algorithm implementation skills.

7. Strong documentation skills and the ability to communicate effectively with technical teams and management.

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