AlphaLife Sciences joins Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS

May 25, 2024

AlphaLife Sciences joins Johnson & Johnson Innovation ‒ JLABS in Singapore, highlighting its promise in leveraging AI to accelerate clinical development and advance the medical AI field.

AlphaLife Sciences, a pioneering clinical research technology platform leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) to accelerate clinical development, is thrilled to announce its residency at Johnson & Johnson Innovation ‒ JLABS in Singapore ('JLABS'). JLABS is global network of open innovation ecosystems, enabling and empowering emerging companies with the knowledge, experience, partnerships, and venture connections across the spectrum of healthcare, including the pharmaceutical and medical technology sector. This milestone underscores the value and promise AlphaLife Sciences brings to the clinical research AI field.

As a new resident at JLABS, AlphaLife Sciences reaffirms its commitment to revolutionizing the clinical research process. The company's AI-copiloted Medical Writing solution and Intelligent EDC and Data Management solution are already well-received by global MNC pharmaceutical companies, showcasing its strong growth and dedication to innovation. "Being accepted into JLABS is a tremendous honor and an exciting opportunity," says Sharon Chen, CEO and cofounder of AlphaLife Sciences. "We are thrilled to join the ranks of high-impact startups that have benefited from JLABS' nurturing ecosystem. This collaboration will significantly expedite our mission to provide better, more effective solutions to accelerate the clinical research process and bring better drugs to patients quicker."

AlphaLife Sciences will continue to refine its technology and expand its reach, aiming to transform the clinical research process through the power of generative AI, cloud computing, and other leading technologies. With the support of the incubator, the company is better poised to bring its groundbreaking technology to those who need it most.