AlphaLife Sciences showcased innovative Gen-AI applications at the SCDM, advancing AI-driven data science

Jun 27, 2024

At the SCDM China Conference 2024, Patrick Nadoiny, SCDM Chair and Global Head of Clinical Data Management at Sanofi, delivered an insightful presentation. Sharon Chen, our CEO, showcased innovative Gen-AI applications.

The Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) China Conference 2024 was held in Shanghai from June 27 to 29. This year's theme, "Focusing Data Science, Foster Transformational" aimed to explore the exciting shift from clinical data management to clinical data science. This event brought together pharmaceutical R&D decision-makers, clinical data management professionals, and industry leaders. 

We are honored that our CEO, Sharon Chen, was invited to participate in the leadership discussion meeting on June 27. This exclusive gathering of industry leaders from top companies provided a platform to discuss critical issues and share innovative ideas. The session began with an insightful presentation by Patrick Nadoiny, Chair of the Board of SCDM and Global Head of Clinical Data Management at Sanofi. Patrick's insights set the stage for an engaging discussion on new technologies and the evolving role of clinical data science.

Following Patrick's presentation, Sharon delivered an impactful talk titled "The Applications of Accelerating Clinical Trials with Generative AI." She showcased the transformative potential of Generative AI in overcoming data challenges, streamlining clinical data management processes, and enhancing the quality and speed of clinical research. Sharon highlighted several groundbreaking applications within our AuroraPrime platform, including automating the creation of logical checks and test rules, improving the accuracy and efficiency of adverse event (AE) data management, and enhancing the detection of data anomalies to ensure higher data integrity and reliability. After these enlightening presentations, the workshop fostered a collaborative environment where attendees could delve deeper into these cutting-edge solutions. 

We extend our appreciation to Wei Zhong (SCDM China Steering Committee Chair; Head of China Clinical Data Management, GSK Asia Development) for the invitation. We are grateful for the opportunity for AlphaLife Sciences to contribute to this important conference and are excited about the future possibilities that Generative AI brings to clinical trials. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in clinical data management.