AuroraPrime Create

AI-Copiloted Medical Writing

Accelerate CSR, Safety Narratives, Protocol, Submission Packages writing with AI that automates summaries and data syncing.

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AuroraPrime Collect

Intelligent EDC & Data Management

Streamline trials with the intelligent EDC and data management solutions, enhancing efficiency and quality.

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Leading Technology

Strategic support from Microsoft and Google enhances our AI and
large language models, offering advanced solutions for clinical research.

Seamless Document-Data Integration

Enhances clinical research by streamlining document-data integration, improving quality and efficiency

AuroraPrime, a comprehensive digital clinical research platform, enhances efficiency and quality with intelligent document writing and seamless data integration.

Secure, Customized Global Services

Deliver secure, customized services addressing specific
technology, data security, and operational needs worldwide

Supported by the global leading technology organizations